One of the really great things about being a photographer is that you get the chance to attend so many weddings. It’s a real honour and privilege to be part of a couples’ special day. What do you do if you are attending as a guest? I find it really hard not to go to a wedding without a camera – I really enjoy the chance to blend into the background and grab those candid shots that really capture the guests and the bride and groom.

My “big” camera stays at home and I opt for a small Fuji X-T10 with a couple of lenses. I’ve just bought a 10-24 wide angle for it, and with the wedding being at Wynyard Hall, I couldn’t resist having the chance to give it a try. One of the great things about using a mirrorless is that you have similar controls to a DSLR without the obvious in-your-face size. That means you can take the opportunity to capture much more casual, candid – documentary style shots. I also love being able to set the camera to monochrome so I can see what the shots will look like in black and white. I did spend a lot of time on the floor with the camera using the wide lens to capture how epic the venue was. Fortunately the X-T10s pop out screen really helped.

fujifilm_xc_50_230mm_f_4_5_6_7_oisThe kit was well and truly tested in a variety of lighting situations. It turned out the weakest link in my kit was the 50-230 zoom it really struggled to focus when the lighting became challenging. I think I’m going to have to add the 55-200 to my shopping list as a replacement. Overall I was really impressed with the performance of the setup and while the lower light shots were a little more noisy than I get with my 5D the Fuji still captured what was a really enjoyable day, with an amazing couple at an epic venue.

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