For anyone who knows me, they’ll know how passionate I am about being a photographer. After a lengthy career in the NHS, I knew I needed a change and completed a fine art degree in 2009 with a view to a working life outside the NHS. 

Photography was the obvious choice for me. I love looking back through old photos of generations gone by, one of my favourite pics is an old sepia photograph of my gran with my dad and his brothers and sister when they could barely have afforded shoes but had obviously spent the time and money dressing up and getting their photo taken. 

The same is true today, we have so much opportunity to take photos on our phones and devices that we often take for granted how special capturing those moments is and being able to look back and remember is so important.

There’s nothing better than seeing people’s reaction to the photos we’ve taken and that is such a buzz.

Mark and I have an absolute ball working together and that enthusiasm and energy will transfer to you so whether it’s your wedding day, a family event or a studio shoot, you’ll have the best time with us….guaranteed!

12 things about me (almost the polar opposite of Mark really!) in no particular order…

  1. I’m a grandad (I know hard to believe but it’s true)
  2. I’m a huge dog lover and have two gorgeous miniature schnauzers Daisy and Millie. 
  3. My favourite film is Withnail and I and my daughter and I make an annual trip to camp out in the Lakes where it was shot to see it play in an outdoor cinema…..hugely recommended
  4. I love a good power tool
  5. I trained and worked as a nurse for many years, so rewarding
  6. I love stand up and frequent comedy clubs and gigs at least once a month. My own open mike challenge routine is work in progress…..someday!
  7. I’m a brilliant pool player 🙂 I once played pool with my Dad for 132 hours non-stop, missing the world record by 12 hours. I’ve also played the then World Champion Jim Rempe losing on the black (he was lucky)
  8. I hold several medals in ballroom dancing (now cool to admit to, thanks Strictly)
  9. It has to be said, I do like a beer or two
  10. I’ve sold paintings across the world and provided the artwork for a Nick Drake CD, one of my heroes
  11. My grandad was a tic tac man, hence my hobby of losing money on horse racing
  12. I love nothing more than escaping to my caravan in Northumberland with my wife, Debbie, and the dogs
  13. I love taking photos
  14. Clearly, I can’t count

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