Contemporary children's portraitAs photographers, we believe in making and capturing memories.

That means we’re happy to come along and capture your special event or you can visit us at our state-of-the-art studios for a portrait photoshoot that is guaranteed to be a memorable experience.

Wear your favourite outfits – you know the ones that make you feel relaxed and allow you to truly be yourself. Give us your favourite music playlist and we’ll provide a personalised soundtrack to the shoot.

Your shoot might be in the studio or it may be enjoying a day out at your family’s favourite spot.

Wherever you choose we take time to find out about you and capture the essence of what makes your family unique.

How will you deliver our portraits?

That depends on you. We’re huge fans of printed images – largely because we were brought up looking through those boxes of pictures that all families have that provide a treasure trove of memories that make up the history of your family. They are what future generations use to learn about how your family lived in the past. Prints and albums are truly special so we offer professionally printed photos with a variety of framing options to suit your style and budget. We can even tailor make the prints to fit into your favourite frames. These could be single stunning prints that capture the personalities of you and your family or a multi-picture layout that really captures the essence of what makes your family truly special.

Classic Children's Portrait  Classic Children's Portrait  Classic Children's Portrait

Will I get digital images too?

Because many of our clients love to share their portraits online we also offer a total digital service where your images are delivered in full resolution on a memory stick for you to enjoy at home.

All of your portraits are also offered as “Facebook Friendly” smaller sizes for quick sharing as well as full-resolution images so you can have the choice to print them yourself whenever you are ready.

Many clients opt to go for the full set to have a complete memento of the day. This will include all of the pictures taken during the shoot at full resolution for you to print or share with your family.


What will it cost?

We have a number of different packages available depending on how much studio time you want and the sort of products you would like.

Your favourite image printed 8x6 or delivered digitallyYour choice of five of your favourite images printed 8x6 or delivered digitallyYour choice of ten of your favourite images printed 10x8 or delivered digitally
1 Hour Shoot1 Hour Shoot1 Hour Shoot
£299£599You are welcome to order additional prints or add additional digital images to any package.
Your choice of one printed 20x16 imageYour choice of one framed 20x16 image
Twenty images on USBAll images on USB
Two hour shootTwo hour shoot

Buy a voucher

Book a shoot

Our session fee starts at £49 which includes one hour studio time, professional editing and a preview session for you to choose your favourites. At your shoot, we will book you in to come back to view your images.  

We love presenting your images to you for review at the studio in our preview area. Why? It’s purely selfish really as we get a real buzz out of seeing your reaction to your images. During the preview, you will select your favourite shots and choose the ones you would like printed or supplied digitally.  As a rough guide, most clients tend to spend between £250 and £450, depending on what they want.

We believe in transparent pricing and a pressure-free environment because we know that the best advert for our business is a satisfied customer. We’re committed to making sure your images are absolutely perfect and will last a lifetime, so we’ll ask that you allow up to three weeks for collection of the finished product.

We’re committed to making sure your images are absolutely perfect and will last a lifetime, so we’ll ask that you allow up to three weeks before collection.



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